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Contact us today
+31(0)88 - 838 13 81

PNO supports your innovation process
and reduces the risk of failures
through advanced services embracing
technology intelligence, analysis,
road-mapping, public and private funding,
exploitation and dissemination of project results.


"Providing the right information to improve your strategic innovation decisions"

Understanding future markets for your innovation plans and knowing what competition is doing is essential throughout the entire development process. This intelligence will enable you to shape and improve your innovation path to success. Do you know what the needs and demands of your target market are? Who are the relevant actors in a market and how are they related to your innovation? Are there any emerging competing technologies or conflicting intellectual property?

PNO can provide the answer to these intelligence questions based on its broad knowledge and experience of innovation in relevant sectors and its wide international network. Our offer includes services such as:

  • Technology scans
  • State-of-the-art analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
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