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R4R Innovation project

R4R was launched in 2012 for a three years period. R4R is the acronym for Chemical Regions for Resource Efficiency. The aim of R4R is to create an international platform for international collaboration on resource efficiency in third countries to accelerate innovation and promote European eco-innovative technologies globally.

R4R objectives

1. Fostering trans-national cooperation between research driven clusters as well as mutual learning between regional actors, in the field of resource efficiency in industry, in order to strengthen smart regional specialisation on:
2. Resource efficient feedstock. Boost the use of bio-based feedstock for materials and energy.
3.Do more with less in industry: reduced resource and energy use in industry through new process intensification and control technologies.
4. Recycling: boost eco-innovation and new business based on recycling solutions.
5. Resource and energy efficient materials: stimulate the development of smart materials that contribute to resource efficiency, such as new materials for photovoltaics and fuel cells, insulation materials, but also bio-degradability and use of recycled materials.

R4R Partners

PNO Innovation Services participation

Cluster conferences and workshops
The central findings from the meta-analysis cluster report and the draft internationalisation strategy based on identified synergies were presented at a cluster conference. Also presentations of main findings of regional TIS analysis were given, to enable joint-learning. The cluster partners got into moderated workshops for discussion and definition of topics along with possible activities to achieve the objectives. PNO Innovation filtered and processed the results and made the foundation for the formulation of a Joint Action Plan (JAP).

Business plan
Based on the previous tasks in the work package, this activity developed the JAP into a Business Plan with its long-term objectives, project milestones and activities, and funding sources: regional, national and European Commission public funding, as well as private Venture Capital, business Angels and direct industrial investments. PNO Innovation wrote the Business Plan with the support of the clusters and CEFIC.

Development and definition of joint projects
PNO Innovation was also responslible for development and definition of joint research, training and innovative projects within and between the clusters based on the mapped regional and European research agenda’s. This task included the following activities: 

- Identify key research, development and innovation areas addressed by JAP 

- Clarify which stakeholders in the clusters have core competencies within the identified key areas and establish core (cross-regional) consortia for the activities. 

- Brainstorming and development of concepts for activities which can facilitate implementing the JAP jointly with the central stakeholders and the established consortia. Two internal brokerage events were organised to discuss up-front prepared RTD and Innovation project ideas stemming from the regional and European research agenda’s, and potential synergies/collaborations between stakeholders from the regions. These internal brokerage events were organised in preparation of the yearly European open cross-ETP brokerage events by CEFIC (outside of the R4R project and budget).

PNO Participation

Ron Weerdmeester
For further information about R4R, please contact Ron Weerdmeester. 


More information

Find out more about R4R. Visit the R4R website.

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