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SCRREEN Innovation project

SCRREEN intends to strengthen Europe’s critical raw materials strategy over the span of 30 months. Raw materials are crucial to Europe’s economy and essential to maintaining and improving our quality of life. Securing reliable and unhindered access to certain raw materials is a growing concern within the EU and across the globe.

Performing an early innovation assessment and developing optimal exploitation strategies to facilitate successful market entry.


The SCRREEN project (Solution for Critical Raw Materials - a European Expert Network) will form a network to manage the sustainable supply and policy issues related to EU's potential primary and secondary resources of critical materials. Primary resources refer to geological mineral resource and metal potential, whereas the secondary resources refer to recycling and recovery of metal potential in waste, such as scrap and mine tailings.

SCRREEN consortium

Innovation Services delivered by PNO in SCRREEN

PNO Innovation organizes the strategic Expert workshops to enable the gathering of feedback and inputs to support the activities of the technical work packages (WPs). The workshops will also serve as a mechanism to update experts on the project progress, and to endorse the WPs findings. Additionally, PNO identifies stakeholders and CRM related projects for clustering activities where knowledge and best practices will be shared between projects, and recommendations for future CRM related topics will be developed.

Nader Akil

Nader Akil
For further information about SCRREEN, please contact Nader Akil. 


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Find out more about SCRREEN. Visit the SCRREEN website and TWITTER page.

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