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PNO Consultants has been at the heart of Europe’s vital sectors for over two decades. Through our experts’ intimate knowledge of the fields we operate in, and hundreds of real life projects, we engage daily in promoting and stimulating innovations in Agro Food, Bioeconomy, Chemistry, Education & Labour, Energy, Environment & Circular Economy, ICT, Life Sciences & Health, Transport and Water. We are dedicated to ensuring the growth and durability of these sectors. Take a look at our vision, projects, activities and experts.


Through the development of innovative materials for CO2 capture, the NANOMEMC2 project aims to make a substantial reduction in energy penalty, cost and CO2 emissions possible.
A cross-sectoral initiative at European level to increase integration between production and distribution, proposing research and  innovation priorities for the future of supply chains. 
Buildinterest is a project dedicated to increasing investments in sustainable buildings.
Investments in sustainable energy and energy efficiency are currently sub-optimal. BUILDINTEREST aims to increase investment in sustainable buildings.