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PNO Consultants has been at the heart of Europe’s vital sectors for over two decades. Through our experts’ intimate knowledge of the fields we operate in, and hundreds of real life projects, we engage daily in promoting and stimulating innovations in Agro Food, Bioeconomy, Chemistry, Education & Labour, Energy, Environment & Circular Economy, ICT, Life Sciences & Health, Transport and Water. We are dedicated to ensuring the growth and durability of these sectors. Take a look at our vision, projects, activities and experts.


GreenCharge logo
The GreenCharge project will contribute to what researchers call "zero-emission mobility". In practice, it means developing new business models, new technologies and guidelines that cities can follow.
CHESTER project
CHESTER project addresses the efficient energy usage in current day Europe. The project aims to build an innovative energy storage and management system for energy from renewable sources.
CICERONE project logo
The project work is dedicated to the creation of a platform for efficient Circular Economy programming. The priority setting and the organization of the future platform will be driven by Programme Owners (POs).


The Brexit deal has been voted down. How are we going to continue with the EU-funded projects involving British project partners.