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PNO Consultants has been at the heart of Europe’s vital sectors for over two decades. Through our experts’ intimate knowledge of the fields we operate in, and hundreds of real life projects, we engage daily in promoting and stimulating innovations in Agro Food, Bioeconomy, Chemistry, Education & Labour, Energy, Environment & Circular Economy, ICT, Life Sciences & Health, Transport and Water. We are dedicated to ensuring the growth and durability of these sectors. Take a look at our vision, projects, activities and experts.


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Developing an innovative technology to make the production of alumina, silica and calcium carbonate more environmentally friendly – that is the goal of the Horizon 2020 AlSiCal project.
The ARBAHEAT project aims to develop and demonstrate a new concept for the cost-effective retrofitting of existing fossil-fuel driven power plants via the first-of-a-kind integration of a biomass thermal treatment technology and application of on-site and off-site heat utilisation.
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OPERANDUM works on a platform enabling stakeholders and end-users to improve knowledge of NBS to mitigate climate change as well as ways to promote and exploit the improved/preserved environment.


PNO Consultants is once again a partner of the MEDINTECHS exhibition, which focuses on medical innovation.