A new office, a new country

Speaking of funding: did you know that Spain is among the top five countries when it comes to EU funding? Already being present in four of them (Germany, UK, France and The Netherlands) it was only a matter of time for PNO to open an office in Spain. So, we did! Actually, PNO Innovation SL was established officially in December 2018.

Obviously, we did thorough research before making this decision and we came up with the conclusion that the Spanish market offers many opportunities:

  • it is a voluminous market, a large receiver of EU Structural Funds after 2020 and one of the top five countries for EU applications
  • PNO already serves several Spanish clients, as well as tens of leads and project partners
  • it enlarges our coverage to serve multinationals and to provide innovation services.

In other words, a presence in Spain fits perfectly to our strategy of becoming the number one in innovation and grants consultancy.

The Spain office will be located in Barcelona (Catalunya), being a large and well-developed regional market.