Dream big and boost the European bio-economy sector

Europe is a part of the global trend of thinking and acting sustainable. Various initiatives on circular economy, sustainable production, low-emissions, recycling and more innovative economy are being started and executed every day. These initiatives are addressed by a vast portfolio of projects that are often initiated and funded by the European Commission. Most of these projects fall under the bioeconomy umbrella.

By Filippo Giancarlo Martinelli, PNO Consultants, Brussels

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Bioeconomy comprises agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food and sustainable use of renewable biological resources for industrial purposes, while ensuring biodiversity and environmental protection. These are the sectors that influence us as communities, consumers, workers, individuals and humanity as a whole.

Did you ever wonder how your coffee capsules can power a bus? Or how recycling some of your residues can enable the production of novel sustainable packaging? These are not technologies of the future; these are existing technologies of today. There are European projects that work on this type of innovative technologies. And there is so much more!

Bioeconomy projects address so many issues and sides of common sustainability problems. For instance, expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols (ROBOX), or microalgae production and harvesting in integrated bio-refineries (VALUEMAG), and production of sustainable and affordable bio-plastics at novel European second-generation bio-refineries (AgriChemWhey). While often technical, the issues impact our lives on various levels.

For over 30 years PNO Consultants has been helping companies realize their ground-breaking ideas in the bioeconomy sector. We support more than 2,000 organizations in setting up collaborative research and innovation projects. We have developed a strong expertise in conceptualizing projects, finding the right partners, providing advice on public funding opportunities, writing proposals and supporting our clients throughout the implementation phase.

Apart from initiating and supporting projects like the ones mentioned before, PNO plays an active role in shaping the future of bioeconomy. As a participant of the BIO-TIC project, we examined the barriers to and contributed to setting solid foundations and a roadmap for a thriving European industrial biotechnology (IB) sector. Within the frame of the BioLinXproject, we strive for creating a network and connecting players in the European bio-economy market in order to speed up innovation. Similarly, in a study ordered by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), we investigated synergies for Horizon 2020 (particularly BBI) and structural (European Structural and Investment Funds) funding for the bio-economy and helped the European Water Group build their vision. Being an engaged contributor to the European bio-economy ecosystem, PNO cares for connecting ideas and ambitions of the biggest players of the sector and conducts various assignments, such as the Bio-based products public procurement and Model demonstrator regions for sustainable chemicals production expert studies for the European Commission Growth Directorate-General (DG) or the Bioeconomy pilot project for the Vanguard Initiative which addresses interregional cooperation on innovative use of non-food biomass.

If you have innovative bio-economy related ideas and would be interested in developing them into European-level funded collaborative projects, do not hesitate to contact our experts. We are happy to support you with our expertise, engagement and network to realize your dreams and strengthen your position in the market.