The BIOBESTicide project started

May 2020 was the Month 1 for BIOBESTicides, a project funded by the H2020 BBI-JU programme and coordinated by the French company BIOVITIS.

Schriftzug Bio vor grünem Feld

The project aims at validating and demonstrating the production of an effective and cost-efficient biopesticide to fight one of the most destructive disease of vineyards. The demonstration will be based on an innovative bio-based value chain starting from the valorisation of sustainable biomasses, such as beet pulp and sugar molasses, and will exploit the properties of the oomycete Pythium Oligandrum to produce a highly effective and eco-friendly biopesticide solution for vine plants protection.

On May 26th, the project consortium, made of 10 partners from all over Europe, virtually participated to the Kick-Off-Meeting. The work plan for the next 3 years was presented, and the main activities were discussed.

PNO CiaoTech participates as leader for the Exploitation and Dissemination activities.

Project website will come soon! In the meantime, visit CORDIS (external link) to learn more about BIOBESTicides.

Learn more about Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking BBI JU 2020 Call for proposals.