Top experts propose potential EU missions for further consultation with Europeans

„Today (26.06.20), high-level independent experts proposed potential EU missions: bold goals to be achieved within a set timeframe aimed at tackling some of our greatest global challenges. These challenges include cancer, adaptation to climate change, healthy oceans, climate-neutral cities and healthy soil and food. Until September, people across Europe will be consulted on the proposals for potential EU missions to make sure that they are relevant for them and make a real difference.

eu missionen horizon europe

„The five possible missions proposed by the Mission Boards, the independent experts advising the European Commission, are:

  • Conquering Cancer
  • Accelerating The Transition To A Climate Prepared And Resilient Europe
  • Regenerating our Ocean and Waters
  • 100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030
  • Caring for Soil is Caring for Life

A number of online citizen engagement events will take place over the summer to further listen to the priorities of Europeans and gather their ideas. This will ensure that the proposed missions are aligned with their needs.

The Mission Boards will hand over their final recommendations to the Commission at the ‘European Research & Innovation Days’ (22-24 September 2020). The Commission will announce its selected missions at the end of 2020. The missions will launch in 2021 as part of Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation programme.“

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf der offiziellen Webseite (externer Link) der Europäischen Kommission.