With the EU setting goals for the member states to reduce their energy consumption by year 2020, efficient energy usage is of great significance in the current day Europe. Thus, innovations in the sphere of efficient energy use and management are of critical importance.


Addressing the issue, CHESTER project aims at developing a cost competitive innovative system that will allow for energy management, storage and dispatchable supply of many different renewable energy sources (RES) through the combination of electricity and heat sector.  The innovative power-to-heat-to-power energy storage system – the so-called CHEST (Compressed Heat Energy Storage) –  will be combined with the Smart District Heating creating a very flexible smart renewable energy management system able to store electric energy with a round trip efficiency of 100% or even higher. The system is expected to be site-independent (unlike pumped hydro), cyclically stable (unlike batteries), able to convert power into heat, able to convert renewable low temperature heat into power and able to store and deliver independently from each other upon request both, heat and power.

The objectives are:

  • Creating conceptual model of the overall energy system.

  • Assessing the integration of CHEST system into the smart boundary conditions of the future energy system will be assessed based on the dynamic simulations. The simulations will produce a comprehensive performance analysis to allow the CHEST system integration into a smart environment (such as changing weather conditions, variable electricity/heat prices, electricity/heat demand profiles, fluctuations of the electric and thermal RES, etc.).

  • Creating the first- of-its-kind laboratory prototype to validate a large part of the theoretically performed research, as for instance the expected performance rates and operational strategies.

  • Integrating CHEST system into a smart energy system to use the energy in a cost-optimal way and provide effective flexibility services to energy operators.

  • Developing innovative business models for the new energy storage and management concept created by the high flexibility that the CHEST concept offers.

  • Establishing a baseline for the exploitation of the CHEST system at short-mid-term to maximize impact on the entire value chain and the society.

Our involvement in the project

PNO Consultants is part of the consortium for CHESTER.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 764042