Environmental problems like global warming and air and ground pollution are neck and neck with global problems of fuel supply. The VALUEMAG project may offer a very promising solution to both these problems: the development of microalgae-based bio-refineries. VALUEMAG proposes a revolutionary, innovative, and eco-friendly solution to reduce significantly the associated costs, thus building more efficient microalgae-based bio-refinery systems. PNO Consultants assists this revolutionary technology with stakeholder analysis and communication and dissemination strategies.

Overview of the VALUEMAG project

The VALUEMAG project focuses on:

  • developing a photobioreactor system (mPBR) based on magnetics nanoparticles and a magnetic steel cone
  • optimizing cultivation parameters

Objectives of the project: advanced method for micro-algae cultivation

VALUEMAG project seeks to develop an advanced magnetic method for micro-algae cultivation and harvesting at minimum cost. It further includes adapted bio-refineries conception to treat microalgae biomass and thus:

  • producing holistic food from microalgae biomass
  • obtaining commercially valuable products (cosmetics & nutraceuticals)

Our involvement in the project

We are helping  VALUEMAG to reach its objective of becoming a real available eco-friendly business through several responsibilities within the project:

  • We perform several analyses for an in-depth study of socio-economic and environmental consequences.
  • We identify main stakeholders who can boost the commercial stage for VALUEMAG.
  • We carry out communication and dissemination tasks to ensure a good marketing strategy and help create a microalgae industry network.