Successful impact section in Horizon Europe proposals – PNO EU Academy

Horizon Europe is the key EU funding programme for RDI and it is a great opportunity to materialise groundbreaking ideas and cooperation.
Applying to and succeeding in Horizon Europe calls, remains a challenge for researchers and innovators, despite the accumulated experience from previous framework programmes and the first half of Horizon Europe.

During this webinar,  PNO Senior Innovation Consultant Edgar Valverde will share the key aspects that a successful impact section shall have in a comprehensive and practical manner. Moreover, attending the training grants access to individual support meetings to answer impact-related questions.

This webinar is specially oriented to all these organisations already involved in consortia for upcoming Horizon Europe calls that want to maximise the competitivity of their proposal and the chances to be successful, but are struggling on how to integrate best long term strategies and the measures to have an effect in society, environment or the market. PNO has developed a comprehensive approach for innovation management and the attraction of public funding for organisations all across Europe. The PNO EU Academy is the culmination of our mission supporting green innovations, social inclusions and enabling therapies.

The main ouputs that will be obtained are:

  • Key concepts of the Impact sections that enable a professionalised approach to it.
  • Tips and recommendations to analyse long term strategies.
  • How to consider the competitive environment and the general context.
  • Value chain and target audiences analysis.
  • The business case and sustainability of project results.
  • Core aspects of IP management.
  • How to translate the proposal and description of action to the actual execution.

The training includes:

  • Online 1.5h training dedicated to Impact section on Horizon Europe proposals.
  • 2 1h online meetings with PNO experts to answer participants (2 hours in total).
  • Participation certificate and access to materials used.

The training has limited places to ensure a proper organisation of the individual meetings.

  • Cost of the training is 500€ (excl. VAT if applicable). The amount will be invoiced and must be paid after registration process to confirm participation.
  • When ? 20 Jun 2024 10:00 – 11:30 (CEST)
  • Where? Secure your spot by registering  here
  • Language: English

We look forward to having you attend the event!


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