The EU brings projects together that contribute towards the further improvement of infrastructure. That is what Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is all about. The infrastructure consists of networks for transportation, telecommunication and energy distribution. PNO has achieved great CEF-successes, interested? Let us help you out.

The EU would like to improve Europe’s infrastructure through CEF (Connecting Europe Facility). CEF is all about crossing boundaries with projects of European importance. Especially projects concerning:

  • Making existing networks more efficient
  • Tackling important problems or bottlenecks
  • Implementing missing key points in infrastructure, especially where the market or government falls short

Is it likely that you can receive a CEF-subsidy?

Each organisation or company is eligible for a CEF-subsidy if the project concerns one of the following areas.


  • Energy-infrastructure for alternate fuels
  • Updating existing energy networks and developing new energy networks of European importance


  • Improving rail-, water-, air- and road infrastructure systems
  • Improving harbour- and container transportation connections to the countryside
  • Multimodal facilities, such as transportation terminals or overseas ports
  • Decreasing noise disturbance caused by rail transport
  • Sustainable transport, like LNG and clean ships
  • Innovative transport-technologies in the area of noise reduction


  • Implementation of high-speed broadband networks and digital infrastructures
  • Subjects such as BRIS, e-ID, EESSI, Cyber Security, eDelivery, eHealth, eProcurement, eInvoicing, eTranslation, Europeana and Public Open Data

Apply for the CEF Grant

Curious if your plans match with the CEF-goals? Luckily, we have loads of  experience with both CEF and its precedents TEN-E and TEN-T. We would love to help you make your grant application successful. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our CEF-specialists for a meeting.