Our mission

Our mission is to improve your returns on R&D through smarter innovation processes.
PNO supports R&D strategies, processes, and projects from ambition to impact, helping clients to be at the forefront of technological innovation while optimizing their R&D investments. Through proprietary methodology, tools, and the expertise of our consultants, we provide insights, analysis, and hands-on consultancy support services to reach impactful innovations while enhancing return on investment.

Innovation Advisory Services

Enhance your innovation processes and make them more profitable and valuable to your organisation.
Improve your strategic and R&D technological decision-making process with data, insights and analysis.
Speed-up your innovation by expanding your knowledge and getting inspired by innovative solution providers.
Get more out of your ideation processes with data-driven intelligence and co-creation.

Case studies

Identify and linking clients to European R&D initiatives
Providing data for commerzialisation and strategic decision making
Supporting the corporate process of “non-stop innovation”
Strategy support for EU funded projects

About innovation services

PNO supports more than 3.000 clients in their R&D processes, realizing original data-driven and expert-driven analysis, and supporting clients in creating over 300 cutting-edge R&D projects per year, while receiving more than 200 Million Euro of public funding.


Client Testimonials