The subsidy landscape is extensive and very dynamic. PNO Consultants will be present to help you explore the most interesting and relevant grant opportunities for your business!

We will discuss the following (public) funding programs based on your technology readiness level

  • WBSO/Innovation box – tax incentive for R&D activities (NL all TRL)
  • MIT feasibility grant (NL -TRL 2-5)
  • PoC credit & Innovation credit - early-stage financing (NL | TRL 2-8)
  • ROM Utrecht – Proof of Concept fund (Regional | TRL 4-6)
  • MIT for Dutch R&D Cooperation between SME’s (NL | TRL 4-8)
  • Eurostars: for Pan-European R&D cooperation (EU | TRL 4-8)
  • EIC - for disruptive technologies with a broad EU impact (EU| TRL 6-8)
  • ROM Utrecht – Regional Investment fund (Regional | TRL 6-9)

PNO will share helpful tips & tricks on how to write a winning proposal. Furthermore, we will give you insights on how the compliance part (Grant administration) works and what the best approach is regarding partner search for project collaborations. After this presentation, you will be able to utilize, maximize and secure relevant (public) funding opportunity for your company at local, national, and European level.

After this session, additional support is available for attendees. PNO will provide a Quick Scan (free of charge for attendees of this event). During this Quick Scan (a one-on-one session), we will match your ambitions to various subsidies and possible investors, and advice you on your next step.


Access to  capital and (public) funding for start-ups and scale-ups | webinar of CROSSROADS 2020

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Webinar | Tuesday 17 November 2020 15:30 – 17:00 CET

Speakers: Jamal Mesbahi and Michiel Beets

About PNO

PNO is Europe’s leading innovation consultancy and supports ambitious companies and their innovative ideas by providing funding and innovation intelligence services. Throughout the years of its existence, PNO has gained significant expertise on (public) funding at regional, national, and European levels. With its services, PNO supports start-ups, established SME’s, large enterprises and universities across all research disciplines and sectors. In this way, the company has expanded its network of innovative companies and other relevant stakeholders like investors, ecosystems, and local governments.

PNO partner of  Crossroads 2020

The national and European subsidy landscape evolves continuously; which also applies to the regional level, including the Utrecht region. In 2021, a considerable budget will be made available through various subsidy schemes for projects that contribute to strengthen and develop the Region (Utrecht). Sharing information and experiences to the StartupUtrecht community and partners is crucial. As a part of this, PNO will enter the dialogue with (semi-) public and private actors in the Region to get a clear picture of the programmatic objectives and to find out more about current initiatives. The ultimate goal is to bring relevant companies together and develop consortia around the specific objectives of these progams and to identify subsidy/funding opportunities.

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