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A vision for the European Technology Platform for Water

The European technology platform for water, WssTP, focuses on promoting and enhancing the water sector in Europe. PNO Consultants helped WssTP develop a vision and Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) to make the European water sector leading in providing safe, clean and affordable water services while protecting nature. 

Overview of the WssTP project

The Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) was started in 2004 by the European Commission to promote research and technology development in the water industry. The renewed WssTP vision and SIRA are the guideline for future research, development & innovation in the European water sector.

Objectives of the project: creating a water vision and SIRA

The project had two objectives:

  • to create a water vision for a water smart Europe
  • to translate the water vision into a strategic Innovation and Research Agenda

Our involvement in the WssTP project

PNO Consultants developed the vision for WssTP, involving multiple leading stakeholders from the European water sector. In these teams, aside from WssTP, several large water companies were involved, like SUEZ, Veolia, DOW Chemical, NALCO and Abengoa Water. We have also connected to important research institutes, like Deltares, KWR Water in the Netherlands and Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, to name a few. The Flemish Knowledge Centre for Water (VLAKWA) and UNESCO were also represented.

We  organised and moderated a vision workshop with a large number of stakeholders from the European water sector. Together with the WssTP team and these stakeholders, we developed and wrote the vision, entitled ‘The Value of Water’. Our innovation concepts ‘multiple waters’, ‘digital water’, ‘hybrid grey and green infrastructure’ and ‘the value in water’ are now widely used by stakeholders in the sector.

We expanded the WssTP vision into a Strategic Research Agenda (SIRA). This describes the economical, technological, infrastructural and governance innovations needed to shape the vision in practice. To further develop these innovations and to stimulate the process from research to innovation, we supported WssTP regarding a new structure for WssTP work teams within the water sector. We also developed an outline for the innovation programme, which aside from research and development will also stimulate innovation in the water sector. This focuses on start-ups, private finance, open innovation, co-development and marketing water as an interesting investment sector.