The global water supply, treatment and distribution sector is critical. It underpins everything in our society: food, sanitation, health and well-being. Issues within the sector have world-wide repercussions. The water sector is dealing with a projected growth of 55% in the demand for water by 2050, while the quality of our water declines across the European Union. Water scarcity is a rising challenge in several regions in the EU.

PNO Consultants helps organisations within the water sector to develop visions and strategic research agenda’s, and gain a deeper insight into the challenges that lie ahead. For instance, we developed the Vision and SIRA (Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda) for the European Water sector organization WssTP. By advocating projects that develop novel technologies and strategies, by working with others in managing our water sources, and by supporting organisations involved in innovative monitoring, measuring and analysing techniques and processes, we help turn water challenges into opportunities – empowering decision-making in the water sector at all levels.