Environmental Monitoring Innovation

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £5 million for collaborative projects to develop innovative solutions in environmental monitoring.

Deadline: 6 March 2024, 11am


Competition closes: 6 March 2024, 11am

Applicants notified: 22 April 2024

Project start date & duration: by 1 August 2024, 3-18 months


The aim of this competition is to fund collaborative projects that develop environmental monitoring solutions to enable improved monitoring of environmental variables.

We are looking for projects that will:

  • support the development of new sensing systems and monitoring capabilities that will either improve existing approaches or introduce new ones, including improving the sustainability and connectivity of data collection, analysis and reporting
  • support the testing of these products, including ‘ground-truthing’ with existing monitoring regimes, and verifying their accuracy and reliability, thus improving their chances of being successfully deployed at scale
  • help the UK environmental monitoring sector to anticipate and respond to growing public and private markets for environmental sensing, whilst delivering economic growth to the UK
  • deliver new and strengthened partnerships and collaborations between the public sector, academia and private sector, helping to connect across disciplines and stimulate innovative approaches

Your proposal must develop new, or repurpose existing sensor systems and capabilities, such as:

  • observation systems, in-situ sensors or samplers, sensor or sampler carrying platforms
  • data processing, analysis, modelling or visualisation systems
  • post-acquisition sample or data processing or analysis and reporting

You must:

  • provide a strong case for why your proposed solution will be in demand from end users
  • provide a plan for how to engage end users in its development.
  • explain how the solution is closely aligned with industry and government policy priorities, (e.g. Defra’s Outcome Indicator Framework)


  • Project team must comprise UK registered organisations of any size.
  • R&D work must be carried out in the UK and project results exploited from UK.
  • Subcontractors, preferably UK based, with costs justified and appropriate to the total project costs.
  • Subsidy Control Act 2022 and EU State Aid funding rules apply.

Funding Rates

  • Total grant request between £150K-£450K (£5M pot).
Project maturity
Organisation size Industrial Research (TRL2-5)
Micro/small business <70%
Medium sized business <60%
Large business <50%

Research organisations in your consortium can share up to 50% of the UK total eligible project costs.

How PNO can support you

The UK team has a strong track record in securing some of the most competitive national and European grants on behalf of its clients, with a full understanding of how a project should be presented to stand the highest chance of success. Each year in the UK alone, we are responsible for the submission of more than 100 funding applications across all sectors and priority areas. Based on this extensive experience, through careful project selection and using key insight into how a project should be best positioned, we consistently achieve success rates that are more than 5 times the typical success rates for UK national schemes and EU programmes.

For further information or to discuss a project idea please contact PNO Consultants: 0161 488 3488 or fill out the contact form below.

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