SBRI Biomass Feedstock Innovation Programme: Phase 1

This competition aims to increase the production of sustainable domestic biomass by funding innovative ideas that address barriers to biomass feedstock production. It will support those who are seeking to improve productivity, through breeding, planting, cultivating and harvesting. This competition is funded by BEIS’ £1Bn Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. Interested? Feel free to contact us!

Phase 1 of the competition will be separated into two Lots:

  • Lot 1 – innovation projects
  • Lot 2 – multi-site demonstrator

The Phase 1 Project Development funding outputs will be used to assess which projects will go forward to Phase 2.


Registration: 31 March 2021

Competition closes: 07 May 2021, 12pm

Applicants notified: May 2021

Project start date & duration: June 2021 ~6-7 months. Must complete by 31 January 2022


Project boundary – should be within the farm gate or forest road.

Feedstock scope – inclusive of second-generation energy crops (i.e. non-food, lignocellulosic crops), long and short rotation forestry, and marine-based feedstocks including algae. Traditional food and fodder crops (such as maize) and waste feedstocks (such as animal manures) are out of scope.

Technology scope

  • Mechanical, for example harvest machinery.
  • Geospatial, for example drone technology.
  • Infrastructure, for example storage.
  • Biological, for example breeding, genetic selection.
  • Agronomy and silviculture, for example harvest practice.
  • Chemical, for example torrefaction.
  • Scientific data synthesis, where this is specifically related to practices likely to assist successful feedstock production

Purely social science related projects, such as farm advisory services, are out of scope.

Technology Readiness Level 4-7 inclusive. All innovations must demonstrate a route to market.

Multi-site demonstrators should act as a platform on which to test and demonstrate innovations in multiple locations.


  • Project lead must be a UK registered company, academic, research public, third sector or community organisation


  • £4Mn is available in this competition for Project Development Funding: contracts for up to £200k to develop the project implementation plan.
  • Contracts will be awarded to secure pre-commercial development, and piloting, and will include detailed design of solutions in addition to whichever of the following activities are necessary to show the success of the innovation, or operate the multi-site demonstrator, ahead of launch to the market: prototyping, field testing, trials, demonstrations and dissemination of knowledge obtained from the demonstration activity.
  • In Phase 2 – Demonstration Funding (indicative): contracts for up to £4m to demonstrate the innovation and develop the commercialisation route, or to operate a multi-site demonstrator (£5m).

Need help?

Please contact us for further information on the funding scheme, to discuss a project or how we can support you with an application.