H2020 & Horizon Europe Training Courses

As an (aspiring) beneficiary of EU research & innovation funding, you might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • How can I ensure that all our costs, accounting procedures and policies are fully in line with the H2020 & Horizon Europe financial rules?
  • Am I certain that our project managers have all the necessary project management skills to successfully coordinate a complex European project from start to finish?
  • What steps do I need to take to fully prepare my organisation in time for the first Horizon Europe calls?

As expert in EU research & innovation funding, PNO organises a series of Horizon training courses. Each training module is fine-tuned to the needs of H2020 & Horizon Europe beneficiaries, allowing you to acquire essential know-how, tools and techniques from the safety of your home. Interested in an in-house or online training? Contact us for a quote!

1. Finances in H2020 & Horizon Europe

Involvement of staff with a profound understanding of the financial rules is key to ensure a solid project administration and prevent potential cost rejections. This module offers participants a dedicated training in H2020 & Horizon Europe finances, addressing a wide range of topics such as cost eligibility rules, audit preparation, budget management, real-life examples and key financial novelties in Horizon Europe.

  • Target audience: H2020 & HorizonEU project managers, research administrators, project advisors, financial controllers, contract managers, researchers, administrative support staff

2. H2020 Project Manager: Full Training Package

Managing a Horizon 2020 project poses many challenges and requires a sound understanding of rules and project management techniques. A well-equipped Project Manager is a vital prerequisite to avoid common pitfalls and deliver impactful project results. H2020 Project Manager – Full Training Package offers participants a thorough all-round training, tailored to the specific needs of H2020 Project Managers.

  • Target audience: H2020 project managers, project coordinators, principal investigators, research administrators, project advisors, grant advisors, EU liaison officers, public funding managers


3. Horizon Europe: What to expect & how to prepare

This training guides participants through the Horizon Europe design process and key programme elements. It provides detailed insights on the changes and novelties in terms of funding instruments, implementation and participation rules. In addition, it highlights the most important tools and resources to allow organisations and their administration to get the most out of the new programme.

  • Target audience: EU project managers, project coordinators, principal investigators, research administrators, project advisors, grant advisors, EU liaison officers, public funding managers, business developers, policy officers, financial controllers, contract managers, researchers, R&D managers


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