PNO Innovation launches Linking to Innovation – a strategic service for collaboration in R&D projects and funding success

Converting opportunities into reality

PNO Innovation is proud to present “Linking to Innovation”, a groundbreaking service developed for organizations that want to participate in R&D funded projects and consortia. Originally intended for participants in PNO-supported projects, this service has now been expanded to reinforce proposals and entice potential leaders, while maximizing returns for clients.

A gateway to cooperative success

Linking to Innovation is a comprehensive service that focuses on two crucial aspects of collaborative projects:

  1. Identifying project opportunities: by understanding our clients’ interests and capabilities, PNO works to identify specific project opportunities that align with their goals and strengths.
  2. Selecting suitable partners: for clients leading consortia, PNO suggests the most effective partners, expanding the consortium’s expertise and enhancing the chances of project success.

Key benefits

Clients who use Linking to Innovation benefit in multiple ways:

– for clients joining a funded project: Linking to Innovation aligns them with consortia that support their core interests and offers them significant opportunities to contribute to collaborative projects;

– for clients looking for partners: the service guarantees that they find the right partners in the vast PNO client network, adding value to consortia and increasing the enormous power of collaborative efforts.

About us

PNO Innovation is one of Europe’s largest consultancy firms with extensive knowledge in innovation and funding. We are connected to an international network of multinationals, SMEs and start-ups, RTOs and universities, sector and public organizations and EU-funded consortia. On a permanent basis and together with our customers, we initiate, fund, manage and execute countless R&D&I projects that make a positive impact to today’s major challenges.

Interested in our services?

PNO’s Linking to Innovation service represents a commitment to encourage successful collaborations, offering unlimited opportunities to clients and ensuring that innovative projects find the support and partnerships they need to succeed. Are you ready to join Linking to Innovation and turn your collaboration ambitions into reality?

PNO submit a few hundred of EU funding applications each year in different sectors such as circular economy, energy, environment, bioeconomy, transport, ICT, health, etc. Are you interested to be informed when there is an EU funding opportunity developed by PNO that fits your technology and ambition? Then get in touch with us to subscribe for free in our database so you can be linked to the EU funding proposals developed by our 500+ consultants present all over Europe.