LIFE in motion: on the path to green mobility

Many people depend on a well-functioning and efficient mobility system. Yet, transport causes high levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, resulting in negative impacts like climate change, air pollution and noise. The European Commission has launched its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and other actions to reduce these emissions. Several LIFE projects support these actions.

Over the last decade, the LIFE Programme has co-financed 75 projects worth €350 million focusing on four aspects of sustainable mobility:

  • 1. Transport planning and design
  • 2. Fuels
  • 3. Greening conventional transport
  • 4. Innovative materials and technologies

Interessieren Sie sich für das EU-Förderprogramm LIFE? Auf unserer Programmseite finden Sie weitere Informationen dazu sowie über Projekte, für die PNO Consultants die LIFE-Förderung einwerben konnte.