Minimizing ‘Stupid Innovation’

A new PNO article was published today on a daily newspaper in Italy, focusing on how make an efficient & smart use of R&D investments

Optimizing R&D investments is the key to success for companies leading the future.

Nevertheless, according to the European Patent Office up to 30% of all expenditure in R&D is wasted on redeveloping existing inventions. It was estimated that up to 25 Billion EUR is wasted each year in the EU in duplicating research and development work already carried out elsewhere.

Relying on strategic analysis and technological scouting is instrumental to be innovative with an efficient, effective and smart approach, opening up to different collaborations.

In PNO we support companies with our methodologies, proprietary data-mining tool (Wheesbee), business intelligence and access to finance strategies to drive them through their innovation path.

In AI-CUBE – Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Process Industries – a European project funded by Horizon 2020, we used our competences to identify technology transfer opportunities on crossing-sector AI & BD solutions, increasing their energy efficiency as well as reducing R&D costs.

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