Client testimonial – Transformative AI Limited

PNO provided expert and invaluable assistance as we prepared our successful Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst grant application. Olaf’s strategic guidance helped us craft a compelling and cohesive narrative for our project, and their attention to detail ensured that we obtained as many points as possible in each scored category.

After we obtained our grant, we retained PNO to assist with our project administration. Sarah and Holly helped us successfully navigate interactions with Innovate UK and assisted with administrative grant-reporting tasks that would have been time-consuming and distracting for our team to complete internally, especially given our lack of familiarity with the reporting process.

Throughout all of our interactions with the full PNO team, everyone has been collaborative, enthusiastic, professional, responsive, and highly motivated to ensure our project obtained funding and was executed successfully. We have had a fantastic relationship with PNO and strongly recommend their grant advising and compliance services.

Dr Josh Oppenheimer, CEO, Transformative AI Limited