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Supports innovations focusing on agriculture and food and healthcare. Topics include precision medicine, advanced therapies (cell, gene and other therapies), preclinical technologies, improving agriculture productivity, enhanced food quality, and biosciences.
To support projects that aim to develop or demonstrate highly innovative processes, products or services, from any technology area or sector, which have the potential to deliver significant business growth.
A programme to stimulate and broaden innovation in manufacturing systems, technologies and processes, or in materials development, properties, integration and reuse.



PNO Consultants has been at the heart of innovation funding in Europe’s vital sectors for over three decades. Through our experts’ in-depth knowledge of the fields we operate in, and our involvement in hundreds of successful projects, we engage daily in promoting and stimulating innovations in Agro and Bioeconomy, Chemistry, Energy, Environment and Circular Economy, ICT, Life Sciences and Health, Transport, Universities and Research. We are dedicated to supporting the growth and continued innovation within these sectors.


Production Ready Heat Exchangers and Fuel Cell Stacks for Fuel Cell micro-combined heat and power (mCHP).
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A new approach to the delivery of public services through the use of cloud computing.
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Addressing key societal challenges through innovation in digital technologies with a co-design/development focus.