UK R&D Grants

There are currently several UK funding schemes that can help to finance your R&D and innovation activities. PNO has an excellent track record in helping organisations successfully apply for these R&D grants, with a success rate 5 times higher than the national average. The programmes listed are by no means fully comprehensive, so for further information regarding the types of scheme available specifically for you, please contact our consultancy team. Further information regarding available calls can also be found using PNO’s innovation platform, Innovation Place.

To support projects that aim to develop or demonstrate highly innovative processes, products or services, from any technology area or sector, which have the potential to deliver significant business growth.
Supports innovations focusing on agriculture and food and healthcare. Topics include precision medicine, advanced therapies (cell, gene and other therapies), preclinical technologies, improving agriculture productivity, enhanced food quality, and biosciences.
A programme to stimulate and broaden innovation in manufacturing systems, technologies and processes, or in materials development, properties, integration and reuse.
Supporting innovation including high-potential technologies just emerging from research such as imaging and materials, and cross-cutting technologies such as digital, satellite/space, electronics, photonics and sensors, robotics, and design/creative economy.
Supports innovation that creates UK business growth in infrastructure systems with the priority areas of smart infrastructure, energy systems, connected transport, urban living (including smart cities).
A funding scheme for innovative solutions to major healthcare challenges in areas including advanced therapies (cell and gene therapy), precision medicine (both therapy and diagnostic components), diagnostics, digital health, medical technologies and devices.
Supports projects that develop new digital technology solutions to healthcare challenges, which include improving patient outcomes, transforming health care delivery and enabling more efficient delivery of healthcare.
To support highly innovative, market-focused solutions that aim to address the global need for clean, affordable and secure energy. Funding is awarded at various stages of development.
EEF offers funding for the development and demonstration of state of the art technologies, products and processes in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation, and heat and electricity storage.