Grant scans & optimisation

Which funding opportunities are available to you? Which grants suit your innovation project? And how can you tailor your project to be more suited for a grant? Our grant scans and optimisation service offers you a thorough exploration of your funding options, at the European, national and regional level. With our years of experience in grants and funding application and our many warm contacts with stakeholders in EU institutions, we can help you identify and make use of the full range of your funding possibilities. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

grant scans and analysis services

Grant scans

In a grant scan, we investigate grant options for activities or investments your company is undertaking. We start by analysing the activities within your organisation, and informing you about current grants, regulations and funding programmes that match your activities. Intermediately, we report on new opportunities that arise, for instance when your business develops new activities or new European, national or regional grant schemes are launched. To effectively match grants to your plans, activities, projects and investments, we stay in regular contact, so that we can inform you quickly of new opportunities. By leveraging grant scans, you can tap into a diverse range of financial and strategic resources, fostering growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Grant optimisation

Once you have identified a grant, we can help you optimise your project or concept. We do that through a viability analysis, which looks at – among others – the novelty of your idea, the quality of your team, the potential impact of your innovation, and how well it fits the grant you’re thinking about. The information we gather helps you decide whether to go ahead or not with the grant application. This provides you with a systematic approach to evaluate and enhance the project’s chances of success while minimising risks and optimising resource utilisation.

If you’ve started applying for a grant, we continue to assist by improving the structure, argumentation, and overall content of your grant application. We give you personalised advice and make strategic adjustments to ensure that your application stands out and clearly showcases the value of your project or idea to the grant body you are applying to.

Interested in grant scans and optimisation?

With over 250 grant scans performed annually, and over 30 years of experience, you can be assured that we will find the perfect grant scheme for your innovation project. Our experts would be happy to make time for a talk. Feel free to contact us through your nearest country office.

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