Innovation intelligence

While innovation may sometimes seem a spark of unrepeatable brilliance, we believe anyone can innovate. What is needed, is a systematic approach to innovation discovery, generating new ideas, translating innovative ideas into projects, and optimising the process of innovation portfolio management. PNO Consultants’ innovation intelligence service offers you the tools, the network, the knowledge and the process to enhance your innovative potential. Within a few straightforward steps, and motivated hands-on support from our expert consultants, we help you define, scout, partner, develop, fund and validate your innovation. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

Innovation Intelligence

Innovation intelligence: our service

Our innovation intelligence service uses our advanced semantic innovation search tools, our network of qualified organisations, our knowledge of research projects and funding in five phases:

  1. Analyse your competences, interests and KPI’s
  2. Scout and analyse external technologies and stakeholders
  3. Contact stakeholders and spot opportunities
  4. Analyse funding opportunities and develop innovation projects
  5. Validate the results together with you

Going through the innovation intelligence process will give you knowledge to discover more innovation ideas and initiatives, identify partners for innovation collaboration, realise more and better innovation projects and increase your opportunity to access public grants.

How does our service work?

  • Phase 1: Set-up
    First we analyse your competences, interests, and performance KPI’s. Then we set up our unique semantic search tool (WheesBee platform developed by our partner Innovation Engineering) to discover new technologies and partnerships, and manage the innovation intelligence process in a structured and collaborative approach.
  • Phase 2: Innovation and partner discovery
    We search, discover, analyse and monitor external technologies, innovators and end users in your area of interest. We tap into combined databases of funding research projects, European, US, WIPO, Japanese and Chinese patents – overall more than 40 million – all translated in English, as well as 18 million papers and scientific articles published in Open Access. Together with your team we analyse opportunities, define innovative ideas and evaluate possible high-level stakeholders for collaboration.
  • Phase 3: Stakeholders and opportunities
    We organise meetings with you and a set of stakeholders for collaboration or partnerships and identify and connect you to innovation opportunities.
  • Phase 4: Funding
    We analyse public funding opportunities to co-finance your innovation projects, and jointly evaluate the pros and cons of the most appropriate schemes to help you decide which funding to apply for.
  • Phase 5: Validating
    Together with you, we validate the activities performed and the innovative projects that are valuable for your strategies, in line with the agreed KPI’s.

Interested in innovation intelligence?

Our innovation intelligence method has been successfully applied to multiple leading businesses in Europe. Our experts would be happy to make the time to discuss how innovation intelligence can help you advance. Please feel free to contact us through your nearest country office.

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