Project development

To successfully innovate, several challenging steps need to be faced, from the innovation concept to the final market uptake, passing through the project financing and development. Risk of failure in each of these steps is high, as proven by the fact that only a small percentage of innovation concepts eventually enter the market. PNO is specialised in the full cycle of innovation management, providing tailored support in each step of the innovation process. Innovation project development aims at turning promising innovation ideas and connections, to open innovation opportunities, into feasible project concepts. Interested? Please browse our services, and feel free to contact us.

Business plan development
A business plan lays the foundation for your business. Our service provides you with a comprehensive business plan that improves the chances of your product or service being a success.
Project development
Many ideas perish on the drawing board. Through project development, promising innovation ideas can be transformed into feasible project concepts. Our service facilitates this transformation.
Open Innovation & Linking
Connecting to other innovative organisations is invaluable for open innovation. Our linking service supports you in connecting to innovative projects, innovators and consortia.