Project funding and finance is key to turning project ideas and concepts into real life innovation. Too often, good research, development and innovation ideas do not come to fruition due to lack of funding or access to finance. PNO has decennia of proven experience and an unprecedented track-record in helping clients tap into the myriad of funding opportunities throughout Europe. Our grant experts help you scan the grant-scape and spot the best opportunities for your ambitions. They offer top level professional proposal development and writing support in order to maximise your chances of success, at the least possible burden for your employees. Moreover, our corporate finance advisors help you tap into private finance, to establish the optimal funding and finance mix to unlock your innovations. Interested? Please browse our services, and feel free to contact us.

grant application writing services
Most project or idea development requires funding. Our service identifies the proper grants and assists you throughout the application process.
Compliance services
Now that your funding has been granted, you have a number of financial and administrative obligations. Our compliance services help you from installation to execution.
grant scans and analysis services
We offer you a thorough exploration of your funding options at European, national and regional level. Tailor your project to the most promising grants!