Project compliance

Your funding has been granted. However, every grant is accompanied by a number of financial and administrative obligations. For instance: you are required to report to the grantor body, and to set up your project administration. There are often regulations for procurement, and often there is an external audit at the end of the project. Naturally, you will want to make sure you follow all rules, to ensure the full allocated funding will be granted to you, and to reduce the risk of restitution at the end of your innovation project. PNO Consultants helps you with a number of services within the field of compliance, from installation to execution. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

Compliance services

Informing you of financial and reporting obligations

We inform you of all financial, administrative and reporting obligations in the course of your innovation project, so that you will be able to organise your project and procedures properly:

  • We organise kick-off meetings at the start of your project, so that your employees are well-prepared.
  • We draft a project handbook.
  • We offer continuous support via our Helpdesk.
  • We train your employees in project compliance.

Examining processes, administration and reports for project compliance

When granted funding, you are responsible for setting up a proper project administration and for drafting reports. We ensure your administration and reporting process complies with your obligations through an examination of your processes, administration and reports. We assist with:

  • reviewing your project administration
  • reviewing your intermediate and final reports
  • reviewing your change applications and your communication with your grant provider
  • pre-audit checks

Setting up your project administration and organisation

Because the final approval of your funding mostly takes place at the end of your project, you must ensure that your project administration has been properly set up and executed until that time. Only then can you be assured of receiving the full allocated funding. There are specific rules to such a project administration, that do not always connect to the way your own administration is set up. We assist with:

  • setting up and preparing your accounting and internal control system
  • delivering the tools for financial project management
  • integration with existing ICT processes

Executing your financial project management

Do you want to fully outsource your financial project management? We can take over the following tasks to ensure that your project organisation and administration comply fully with all funding conditions:

  • implementing your project administration
  • preparing and submitting interim and end reports
  • communicating with your funding partner
  • preparing and assisting in audits

You will maximise the chance of a successful completion and full funding allocation of your project. And you will have access to our online tools, like document sharing, a secure workspace for project partners, and project calendars for activities and event management.

Interested in one of our compliance services?

Our compliance experts have over 30 years of experience in funding and are well-versed in the details of obligations for different regional, nationals and European funding schemes. Have you applied for funding? And do you need help with project compliance- or would like a compliance audit? We would be glad to make time for you. Feel free to contact us.

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