Process management & IT Tools

No innovation process can be done without proper process management. Over the last 30+ years of shepherding innovation, PNO Consultants has developed several smart management and IT tools to help streamline the innovation process. Our IT will help you effectively manage your project portfolio. Our management tools assist in systematically developing, analysing and selecting innovation ideas. And our platform Innovation Place is the place to go to link to project ideas and consortia. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

innovation place platform & services
Looking for an opportunity to manage your projects, find the right experts, and join interesting projects for your organisation? PNO’s Innovation Place platform offers you just that.
Innovation discovery
We developed a disruptive IT solution to easily discover innovations and potential partners from relevant data. Advance your innovation process through innovation discovery.
Project management platform
Based on years of experience in complex collaborative research projects, we have developed a project management platform that offers all you need for a succesful innovation project.