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Looking for an opportunity to manage your projects, find the right experts, and join interesting projects for your organisation? PNO’s Innovation Place platform offers you just that. Our platform is an effective approach to open innovation and project portfolio management. Moreover, it is compatible with intermediary platforms, allowing members of each network to exchange project opportunities. Whether you are a large corporation, a research organisation, an SME or industrial association, Innovation Place offers you the opportunity to excel. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

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Innovation Place platform: features

The Innovation Place platform offers a set of features supporting the innovation processes:

  • Expert search: It offers you the opportunity to find the right expert for your innovation project. You can publish a project (with a simple and anonymous abstract) both in the Innovation Place platform and in several European platforms within leading industrial associations and clusters. Only pre-qualified candidates for your project will contact you to propose how they can help.
  • Join projects: You can join innovative projects proposed by other organisations. Dozens of projects within Innovation Place are searching for qualified partners to join their consortia, proposed by leading research centres, innovative SMEs and large corporates. You will be able to browse these innovative project ideas and consortia and access such opportunities, entering in projects relevant for your innovation and accessing new knowledge.
  • Search funding: You will be able to search for, find and be informed on relevant funding opportunities for your innovation projects. The European Union and national governments continuously update their public funding opportunities. In Innovation Place, you always have access to the most recent information.
  • Project portfolio: You are able to manage your project portfolio: project status, funding required, partners, documents related to each project, and so on. All the information relevant for your projects is accessible in one single place.
  • Project management: Make use of the project management platform to collaborate with partners in collaborative research projects.

How does our Innovation Place platform work?

There are three versions available of the Innovation Place platform:

  • The online free and premium versions are accessible through the Innovation Place website. The free version allows you access to the basic functionalities, after registration. The premium version allows you to make use of part of the innovation discovery features, as well as the project management platform features.
  • The server version is available to large corporates and research organisations managing tens of projects per year. Innovation Place will then be installed in PNO server or on your premises. This version offers a complete set of features, including partner management, document management system, and funding budget management.
  • The integrated or customised version is available for intermediaries (industrial associations, clusters, and so on). It can be customised with your look and feel and integrated or linked to your website. This version will allow your associated members to access all the features of Innovation Place, including the possibility to reach experts and access projects, directly from your website. The integration is invisible; your organisation remains the only contact point for your partners.

Interested in Innovation Place?

By using our Innovation Place platform, our network and all our trusted partners become available to you. Currently, the Innovation Place platform has a reach of over 40,000 organisations, and is embedded in more than 15 industrial associations and clusters’ websites, including those we participate in. Are you looking for a solution to manage your projects portfolio or access project opportunities and experts? We would be happy to discuss if Innovation Place could be the solution for you. Feel free to contact us through your nearest country office.

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