Apply for Eureka Eurostars

Eureka Eurostars is a funding programme for market-oriented research and development aimed at the participation of R&D-performing small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Who can apply for Eurostars?

The scheme is open to all technology areas and market fields, but projects must have a civilian purpose. Projects must include at least two partners independent from each other and established in at least two different Eurostars countries and led by an R&D-performing SME from a Eurostars country.

In the UK, only SME’s can apply with the total grant capped at 60% support up to €360K. The scheme is open for funding applications on a continuous basis, with two application submission deadlines each year (typically March and September) – the next one being 13th February 2020. Read the details of the call, partner countries and funding levels per country.

Need help?

Do you want to apply for EUREKA Eurostars? We can support you in the application development phase. We have a very strong average success rates per call with an average of 30% and above. But we are also able to help you identify potential project partners and with the qualification of your project ideas. Feel free to contact us.