AgriChemWhey will build a first-of-a-kind, industrial-scale biorefinery to valorise dairy processing by-products to several added value bio-based products for growing global markets, such as lactic acid (LA). The BBI Flagship project will prove the techno-economic viability of this innovative biorefinery technology. It will also establish a new value chain for industrial symbiosis with other local actors
for the production of high value sustainable food and feed products from other side streams, as an enhanced circular bioeconomy approach to agriculture and agri-food waste and therefore tackling one of the major dairy industry sustainability issues.


AgriChemWhey overall objective is to build a first-of-a-kind industrial-scale and economically-successful biorefinery with integrated symbiotic industrial and agricultural value chains to valorise dairy waste, and thus specifically to:

  • Optimise and scale-up process biorefinery technologies
  • Establish a new dairy processing by-products to high value-added products value chain
  • Establish industrial symbiosis with local partners to valorise side streams arising from the biorefinery process
  • Ensure techno-economic viability and successful long-term commercial operation of the biorefinery Develop a blueprint for replication of the AgriChemWhey model in other regions across Europe


AgriChemWhey will contribute to:

  • Industrial symbiosis for the creation of new value chains positively impacting different sectors (i.e. agriculture, horticulture, chemistry).
  • Growth of a more sustainable European dairy industry
  • Rural community
  • Regional development, in regions facing industrial transition
  • Growth and competitiveness of a European circular bioeconomy
  • CO2 savings and greater resource efficiency