Client testimonial: BioVoice

“For BioVoice PNO has offered significant added value over several scouting round for 19 bio- and circular economy innovation challenges of our large corporates. In short time PNO is able to shortlist and contact solution providers using their effective search methodology and proprietary semantic search tool with featuring large amount of technology developers from all sectors. The quality of the match is high and matching rate is 20% which is high for lead generation. PNO is really recommendable to work with to look for suitable matches on innovation challenges. And on the human side it also a lovely organization to work with.”

Bob Houpst | Project Manager BioVoice and Brigitte Duffhues | Projectcoördinator BioVoice

Through BioVoice, large(er) companies offer innovation and business opportunities to SMEs and start-ups.

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