CICERONE – CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agEnda

About the project

The project started on the 1st of November 2018 and will be active for two years. The work on CICERONE is carried out in close cooperation with research & technology organisations (RTOs), which contribute with their expertise of the main scientific and technological challenges. Consultation mechanisms will also ensure that all stakeholders will be able to actively contribute (civil society, industry, innovative SMEs (PNO Consultants), startups, cities, investors, networks, etc.).

CICERONE brings together key stakeholders including programme owners, researchers and businesses to build a platform for efficient circular economy.

The project is more specifically addressing the needs and priorities for circular economy in Europe by researching the state of the art, developing a roadmap and enabling joint programming for circular economy projects.

The project was designed and is being implemented by 24 partners from a variety of organisations across Europe – thus providing a well-rounded, holistic pathway to advance the EU’s switch to a circular economy.

CICERONE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under Grant Agreement 820707.