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PNO Consultants participates as a partner in over 70 innovation projects funded by the European Union. We offer various services within these projects, such as stakeholder analyses, market analyses, business or exploitation plan development and dissemination strategies. Each year, we attract over 200 million Euro in public funding for ground-breaking innovation projects. Highlighted here are just a few of the projects we are partnered with. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Climate & Environment
Through the development of innovative materials for CO2 capture, the NANOMEMC2 project aims to make a substantial reduction in energy penalty, cost and CO2 emissions possible.
Transport & Space
A cross-sectoral initiative at European level to increase integration between production and distribution, proposing research and  innovation priorities for the future of supply chains. 
Buildinterest is a project dedicated to increasing investments in sustainable buildings.
Climate & EnvironmentEnergy
Investments in sustainable energy and energy efficiency are currently sub-optimal. BUILDINTEREST aims to increase investment in sustainable buildings.
Climate & Environment
WssTP worked on developing a renewed vision for the water sector in Europe. We helped develop that vision and translate it to a Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda.
UTILE logo
Life Sciences & Healthcare
UTILE offers a research valorisation platform to innovators looking for partnering, business, financing and research opportunities within the Life Sciences & Health sector.
Stop It
STOP-IT organises networks for water systems protection, identifies risk landscapes and co-develops an all-hazards risk management framework for the physical and cyber protection of water CIs.
EnergyTransport & Space
The GASVESSEL project opens up new possibilities to exploit stranded, associated and flared gas where this is currently economically not viable and creates new cost-efficient gas transport solutions.
Bio, Food & Agro
VALUEMAG seeks to develop a revolutionary solution for microalgae cultivation and harvesting to produce and purify high-value biomolecules in an affordable, environmentally-friendly way.
LightBoost is an initiative of PNO and Innovation Engineering (IE), based on a European project 'Lightjumps' for setting up a sustainable ecosystem for open innovations in photonics.
Splash logo
Bio, Food & Agro
The SPLASH project researches the possibilities for producing and recovering hydrocarbons and (exo) polysaccharides from algae, and further converting them into polymers.
Scrreen logo
Chemistry & Materials
The SCRREEN project intends to strengthen the EU strategy for critical raw materials through forming a European network across the value chain for present and future critical raw materials.
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Climate & Environment
The MADFORWATER project aims to realize an increasing long-term trend of treated and reused wastewater in Mediterranean African countries through innovative technical approaches and instruments.
Bio, Food & Agro
The BIO-MIMETIC project aims to transfer knowledge of a new enzymatic process into a blueprint for a novel (pre-)industrial enzymatic-based bio-polymerisation process.
The INSPIRE project aims to develop new innovative business models to create more flexible and sustainable manufacturing value chains, that are more organised and interlinked.
Chemistry & Materials
The PLATIRUS project aims at reducing the 20 tonnes deficit in platinum-group materials (PGMs) by developing new processes for recovery and raw material production.
The ROBOX project
Bio, Food & AgroChemistry & Materials
The ROBOX project aims to demonstrate that bio-oxidation processes can be cost-effectively used in other sectors than just the pharma sector, where prices of end products are higher.
REE4EU attempts to set up a new value chain for rare earth elements (REE).
Chemistry & MaterialsClimate & Environment
The REE4EU pilot project aims to bridge the gap between the European demand for rare-earth elements and its ability to supply, by setting up a novel circular, EU-centred value chain.
Climate & Environment
In the NEW_InnoNet project, we have addressed the challenge of waste circularity by mobilising stakeholders in the electronics, automotive and plastic packaging value chains.
bioskoh logo
Bio, Food & Agro
The BIOSKOH project will showcase how a number of innovation stepping stones can realise a breakthrough in techno-economic viability of lignocellulosic bio-refineries.
biolinx logo
Bio, Food & Agro
The BioLinX project aims to bridge research and innovation efforts in the bioeconomy sector by supporting organisations to commercialise their innovative ideas.