Innovation Intelligence
With a systematic approach to innovation discovery, we help you define, scout, partner, develop, fund and validate your innovation.
Innovation discovery
We developed a disruptive IT solution to easily discover innovations and potential partners from relevant data. Advance your innovation process through innovation discovery.
market analysis services image
Knowing your market, trends and stakeholders is essential for innovation success. Our service helps you gain the competitive advantage you need to better attune your product, service or innovation.
roadmap development services image
A roadmap for your organisation helps you understand which actions to undertake in the coming decades. Our service offers a structured approach to the shaping and realisation of your vision.
grant scans and analysis services image
We offer you a thorough exploration of your funding options at European, national and regional level. Tailor your project to the most promising funding!
Innovation Place
Looking for an opportunity to manage your projects, find the right experts, and join interesting projects for your organisation? PNO’s Innovation Place platform offers you just that.
Linking services image
Connecting to other innovative organisations is invaluable for open innovation. Our linking service supports you in connecting to innovative projects, innovators and consortia.
project development services image
Many ideas perish on the drawing board. Through project development, promising innovation ideas can be transformed into feasible project concepts. Our service facilitates this transformation.
business plan development services image
A business plan lays the foundation for your business. Our service provides you with a comprehensive business plan that improves the chances of your product or service being a success.
Funding Portfolio Management service
Are you using the full funding potential for your cross-border business? Centralising your funding portfolio management will increase your chances of success. We can help you develop your funding management process.
grant application writing services image
Most project or idea development requires funding. Our service identifies the proper funding and assists you throughout the application process.
Compliance services
Now that your funding has been granted, you have a number of financial and administrative obligations. Our compliance services help you from installation to execution.
project management platform
Based on years of experience in complex collaborative research projects, we have developed a project management platform that offers all you need for a succesful innovation project.
project coordination & management services image
Effective project management is a must for any project that aims to reach its innovation goals. We offer skilled project management throughout your innovation process.
dissemination and communication services image
An effective dissemination and communication strategy ensures your project and results gain broad attention. Our service helps you set up a smart dissemination and communication plan.
cost benefit analysis services
Predicting the economic performance of your innovation is essential for successful exploitation. Our service offers explorative economic assessments of your innovative projects, to gain insight into their impact.