In which direction is innovation developing? What are your competitors doing in R&D? Who are the most relevant stakeholders in the research areas of your interest? Which is the current technology state of art, and how innovative is your project? This knowledge is needed to feed the innovation process. PNO Consultants has over 30 years of experience in addressing the challenges of the innovation cycle. Our innovation services provide you with the necessary knowledge and support to define and plan your innovation path. Our experts can help you develop innovation visions and roadmaps, provide technology intelligence and stakeholder analyses and connect you to technologies, partners and project ideas within and across geographical borders. We aim to improve and accelerate your innovation. Interested? Please browse our services, and feel free to contact us.

roadmap development services image
A roadmap for your organisation helps you understand which actions to undertake in the coming decades. Our service offers a structured approach to the shaping and realisation of your vision.
market analysis services image
Knowing your market, trends and stakeholders is essential for innovation success. Our service helps you gain the competitive advantage you need to better attune your product, service or innovation.
Innovation Intelligence
With a systematic approach to innovation discovery, we help you define, scout, partner, develop, fund and validate your innovation.
Funding Portfolio Management service
PNO Consultants’ innovation calibration method ensures you will remain on the right track, by examining your vision and strategy in the light of actual facts and trends.
Innovation discovery
We developed a disruptive IT solution to easily discover innovations and potential partners from relevant data. Advance your innovation process through innovation discovery.