Funding Portfolio Management

Are you using the full funding potential for your cross-border business? More often than not, multinationals and large corporate enterprises leave their funding applications up to individuals as part of their business related tasks, without being backed by a centralised approach from the organisation. That leads to loss of funding opportunities and results. Centralising your funding portfolio management will increase your chances of success, introduce management control and ensure proper risk management. We can help you develop your funding management process. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Funding Portfolio Management service

What is funding portfolio management?

Proper funding management is a centralised process that engages key stakeholders within the organisation, from the identification of opportunities through to compliance with funding requirements and regulations. It ensures that annual goals are set based on budgets and pre-identified projects with high probability for funding awards. A centralised organisation will provide risk control and efficiency as well as sharing of best practices. We do this by installing a centralised funding management process in combination with local hands-on support for your business.

Funding portfolio management: our approach

We help you identify how your business is currently organised: are you organised centrally, or do you plan centrally but decide locally? Answering this question gives direction to how, where and when you should organise the identification and analysis of grant opportunities. It also determines who within your business should be involved in preparing successful proposals and applications. To ensure successful implementation of your funding management, we also help you identify stakeholders within your organisation with access to crucial information on projects and their planning. And we help you collaborate locally with business and project owners and internal or external grant experts. Especially if you are organised cross-border and through multi-business segments, this approach very much determines your funding success and revenues.

Funding portfolio management: your results

Typically, introducing a structured funding portfolio management approach leads to an increased number of funding applications with higher chances for success. Moreover, the financial run-rate and payments of approved funding projects will be improved, resulting in higher cash-in results for your organisation. Finally, a centralised approach will result in more management control in terms of increased compliance towards the often complex financial and legal funding requirements.

Interested in funding portfolio management?

Our funding management approach has been successfully applied to multiple leading businesses in Europe. Our experts would be happy to make the time to discuss how it can help you increase your chances of funding success. Please feel free to contact us.