Bio, Food & Agro
Bio, Food & Agro is the fastest growing sector in the world. And its challenges evolve just as rapidly. Our expertise contributes to a prosperous sector.
Chemistry & Materials
The chemical sector provides us with innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the economy and the environment today. We aim to establish Europe's influence in this sector.
Climate & Environment
Circular economy is a new approach to the sustainability challenge facing Europe today. We support the effort to advance near-zero waste innovations and find more sustainable resources.
A key challenge for the energy sector is making energy and energy supply more reliable, more sustainable and cheaper. We support the sector as they engage in this momentous task.
The ICT sector in Europe has seen a major growth over the last decade, not suffering much from even the world-wide economic crisis. We support research and development in this sector.
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Innovation soars in the Life Sciences & Health sector. The challenge: keeping healthcare affordable. We support players in this sector with our years of experience in health-related R&D.
Transport & Space
Transport is one of the cornerstones of Europe’s competitive ability. The sector is faced with an ever-growing demand for mobility. We aim to advance the transport sector in Europe by promoting innovation.