The valorisation platform for research results from EU health programmes

The EU-Health Innovation Marketplace (in short: UTILE) is the valorisation platform for research results from the Health programmes of FP7 and Horizon 2020 and brings together supply and demand for research results in the Life Sciences & Health sector. The platform is a solution for researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and business developers looking for partnering, business, financing, and research opportunities. UTILE offers opportunities for all players in the valorisation chain: in medicine, diagnostics, medical tools, health IT solutions, vaccinations, treatments and more.

Overview of the UTILE project

UTILE analyses over 1,000 European projects within the Life Sciences & Health sector, and identifies the projects with the highest commercial potential. In the early stages of the project, supply and demand are matched by involving both Innovation Generators (e.g. researchers) and Innovation Developers (e.g. business developers and investors) early on in the valorisation process. That means projects are evaluated by both highly recommended European Technology Transfer Offices and respected representatives in the industry. Only the most promising results are selected and facilitated by UTILE for further exploitation and valorisation.

Objectives of the project: promoting, matching and valorising projects

First of all, selected projects are promoted on the UTILE marketplace. The project results are provided with tags (like development phase, market potential or market demand), ensuring swift and efficient searches within the platform. The marketplace matches supply and demand automatically, so that registered members are always alerted to relevant new research results. Secondly, selected projects are actively supported in valorising their results. For instance by giving training in exploitation, helping to build their exploitation strategy, or connecting them to potential investors and collaboration partners.

Our involvement in the project

PNO Consultants coordinates the project, and is responsible for project management and planning. Also, we lead the evaluation of EU projects. Together with our involved partners, we have developed a thorough evaluation methodology to determine the commercialisation potential of innovations. We also mobilise experts from the industry, who coach projects on an individual basis, and we research best practices for valorisation and exploitation within healthcare. Finally, we attribute to dissemination, communication and exploitation of the project.

UTILE is the valorisation platform for Health innovators.