Technology & market analysis

Whether you are a start-up or a multinational: if you know your stakeholders, your market, your competitors and the general trends, you can better attune your product, service or process. In the end, that will make you more successful. A proper technology and market analysis gives you direct insight into your potential clients, helps you spot innovation trends, identify potentially interesting technologies to integrate into your products or innovation plans, and identify leading players and competition. We can help you perform this analysis to give you a competitive advantage. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

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Technology and market analysis: our services

Information is key if you want to launch an innovation and hold an advantage over your competitors. A market analysis gathers the information you need: concrete numbers and percentages that are important to your product, service or innovation. Think of information such as the size of your (potential) market, the demand and trends in your market, and the audience you are trying to reach. In a competition analysis, you will also gain insight into your competitors, so that you know exactly which niche you can exploit to make your product, service or innovation more of a success. PNO has developed and fine-tuned a methodology for stakeholder analysis and technology intelligence to answer the question “who is doing what” in a specific domain.

How does our service work?

Our analysis starts off by first defining the target of the analysis and its scope. Depending on scope and focus, we will exploit different sets of structured and unstructured data available to us. Think of potential users, predicted market growth, and past data about your market. We also look at the market share of your competitors, their strengths and pitfalls, targets and statements. And at facts like participating in a research project, releasing a patent, or being member of a cluster or association. All these facts linked together can help in understanding stakeholders’ strategies, assets and network. Our analysis, which might also be integrated with interviews and surveys, will result in an accessible presentation of the identified stakeholders, market and trends, and make it easy for you to tap into new resources that help you innovate.

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