Setting up a sustainable ecosystem for open innovations in photonics

These days, photonics is a key innovation driver in many established applications like communications, measurement and security, and laser-assisted manufacturing. Photonics also provides solutions to upcoming global challenges such as healthcare and energy; think of photovoltaics and energy efficient lighting. The LightBoost initiative is aimed at creating a sustainable network of clusters and other relevant organisations operating in photonics, with the aim of favouring research, innovation, and growth of organisations in photonics.

Overview of the LightBoost Project

LightBoost is an initiative of PNO Consultants and Innovation Engineering (IE), based on a European project LightJumps. It aims at setting up a sustainable ecosystem for open innovations in photonics. LightBoost already signed up with eight European cluster organisations in photonics. The initiative includes the Lightboost Platform, that will be embedded in clusters’ and other networks’ websites, to create a ‘Network of Networks’ concept.

Objectives of the project: open innovation

  • The project will allow open innovation, the sharing of projects ideas and needs, not only in the LightBoost network but also in other networks already connected with. That will immediately empower members of the network to reach more than 40,000 organisations throughout Europe, as well as to become aware of project ideas proposed by research centres.
  • The project network will contain a continuously updated database of European grants for research and innovation.
  • The project network will offer a consulting service by us, to screen project ideas, with respect to relevant European grant schemes.
  • The project network will include a training offered by us on European funding, organised through webinars.

The Lightboost Initiative is open for all cluster organisations active in photonics, for companies and research institutes that develop in photonics technologies and for Industries that have photonics applications.

If you want to join our initiative, please contact one of our photonics experts.

Our involvement in the project

Our main role is to manage and expand this network of clusters. We also initiate new projects with the photonics Clusters and with organisation in photonics technologies and applications.