Creating efficient and sustainable water supply and sanitation

Efficient and sustainable water supply and sanitation is of great importance to developing countries, especially in Africa. Most European water solutions are not adapted to the local African context. The MADFORWATER project aims to realize an increasing long-term trend of treated and reused wastewater in Mediterranean African countries. It does so by developing and implementing innovative technical approaches and management instruments. PNO Consultants assesses costs, benefits and promising exploitation routes, and helps create market awareness.

The MADFORWATER innovations will be tested in several pilot locations in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

Overview of the MADFORWATER project

MADFORWATER aims to realise a long-term impact on the economic and social well-being of Mediterranean African countries, through development of efficient and sustainable water technologies. Selected technological approaches and management instruments will be developed into prototypes and tested in several pilot locations in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Through this project, we help increase the competitiveness and market penetration of the European water and irrigation sector in Africa.

Objectives: long-term impact in water supply and sanitation

MADFORWATER is expected to lead to:

  • increased agricultural production
  • higher food security
  • decreased food contamination
  • decreased cost of wastewater treatment
  • increased income and employment in water treatment and agricultural sectors

Our involvement in the MADFORWATER project

We are responsible for several aspects of the MADFORWATER project.

  • We assess the economic and social costs and benefits.
  • We identify exploitation channels and define exploitation strategies for the MADFORWATER project results, to stimulate the uptake and facilitate future deployment of developed technologies.
  • We create market awareness for innovative wastewater treatment and sanitation technologies.
  • We develop business plans that can serve as roadmaps for commercialisation.
  • Working closely with the other project partners, we help decide on the most suitable water supply and treatment solutions through economic and societal evaluation.
  • We identify, specify and evaluate the specific costs and benefits of the MADFORWATER solutions in the early stages of innovation. Our assessment will aid in minimising risks and associated development costs and enable optimal decision-making on innovation routes.