PNO Consultants participates as a partner in over 70 innovation projects funded by the European Union. We offer various services within these projects, such as stakeholder analyses, market analyses, business or exploitation plan development and dissemination strategies. Each year, we attract over 200 million Euro in public funding for ground-breaking innovation projects. Highlighted here are just a few of the projects we are partnered with. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Energie & Milieu
The EU-funded ACHIEF project proposes innovative high-performance materials for Energy Intensive Industries to improve their energy performance
Food & Agro
AgriChemWhey seeks to build a first-of-a kind, industrial-scale bio-refinery which will take by-products from the dairy processing industry and convert them into cost competitive, sustainable lactic acid.
Energie & Milieu
The CHESTER project addresses the efficient energy usage in current day Europe. The project aims to build an innovative energy storage and management system for energy from renewable sources.
Chemie & circulaire economieEnergie & Milieu
CROCODILE aims to drastically reduce the supply risk of cobalt for the European industries by increasing the efficiency of recovery processes for cobalt and other relevant materials.
Energie & Milieu
The GaNonCMOS project aims to bring GaN power electronic materials, devices and systems to the next level of maturity by providing the most densely integrated materials to date.
Energie & MilieuTransport
The GASVESSEL project opens up new possibilities to exploit stranded, associated and flared gas where this is currently economically not viable and creates new cost-efficient gas transport solutions.
Energie & MilieuFood & Agro
HyPErFarm proposes the use of combined agrivoltaic systems that allow food production to continue on land used by PV parks. The project aims to optimise viable agrivoltaic business models and test the marketability of the solution.
Chemie & circulaire economie
The ION4RAW project develops a novel and sustainable ionometallurgical process to resource- and cost-effectively recovery of mainly by-products from primary sources.
Chemie & circulaire economieTransport
LIFE PlasPLUS revisits the concept of recycling with its holistic approach to simultaneously close the loop for two traditionally siloed material value chains, plastics and minerals.
Energie & Milieu
MAREWIND will provide advanced durable materials and recyclable solutions which reduce materials use contributing to the European Union’s climate goals.
Chemie & circulaire economie
The PLATIRUS project aims at reducing the 20 tonnes deficit in platinum-group materials (PGMs) by developing new processes for recovery and raw material production.
Chemie & circulaire economie
SCRREEN2 brings expert advice in support of decision-making at the EU level covering all the raw materials and their value chains screened in the CRMs 2020 assessment.
Chemie & circulaire economie
The EU-funded TARANTULA project aims to recover refractory metals from low-grade waste by developing a suite of cost-effective, scalable and eco-friendly metallurgical processes.