In order to make Europe less dependent on a single supplier of gas and other energy sources, the GASVESSEL project has designed a new transport system to effectively transport different types of gas: the compressed natural gas transport system (CNG). In doing so, they have made alternative energy supply routes available within Europe, which reduces the dependence of Europe on just a few suppliers. PNO Innovation helps make this impressive innovation ready for market uptake. 

Project title: Compressed Natural Gas Transport System

Funding programme: Horizon 2020

Action type: Research & Innovation Action (RIA)

Duration: 01/06-2017 – 31/03/2022

Overview of the GASVESSEL project

GASVESSEL will innovate different steps in the value chain:

  • from a decision support model,
  • to simulate and benchmark costs of the novel CNG concept against alternative gas transporting systems,
  • until the ship design and manufacturing process of the innovative lightweight Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (PV’s).

The innovation of the CNG transport concept is enabled by a novel patented solution for the manufacturing of up to 70 per cent lighter pressure vessels compared to steel alternatives, enabling new CNG ship designs with much higher payloads and, as a consequence, dramatically lower transportation cost per m3 of gas.

Project objectives

The main objective of the project is to prove the techno-economic feasibility of the new CNG transportation concept. Three geo-logistic gas exploitation scenarios will be analysed to establish where and how the GASVESSEL concept provides added value. Research and development efforts will concern the functional design of the pressure vessel, the prototype facilities and the ship design, including gas compression and decompression systems. This new concept will finally be validated with a cost-benefit analysis and a class design review and safety assessment.

Our involvement in the GASVESSEL project

As project partner in this ‘waterborne’ project, we ensure a structured approach to market uptake of the GASVESSEL innovation. In order to do that, we go through all the necessary steps:

  • We perform market analysis and cost benefit analysis.
  • We take care of the communication and dissemination of project activities, combined with concrete activities for market introduction.
  • We make recommendations about valorisation, business approach and exploitation strategies.

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