From an innovative idea to a successful concept; it became reality for the University of Ghent. The University had an idea and with it the ambition of turning this idea into a sustainable company. And successfully so! They approached PNO Consultants with a request to offer support in carrying out a market analysis. UGent: « PNO Consultants was asked to provide strategic advice to support our business ambitions through their innovation service. At UGent, we wanted to gain insight into the needs of the intended market segments, our USPs, as well as the overview of potential competitors and how they positioned themselves in those market segments. »

Decisive data

The art of turning an idea into a good idea with a chance of success, is linked to an extensive and detailed market analysis. That is precisely what PNO supported Ghent University with. Through a secure and targeted approach and a broadly oriented and detailed market analysis, the idea of ​​UGent attained a solid foundation. Graydon’s method served as a starting point for the mapping of UGent’s potential market position. By means of a competitive analysis and need analysis, further insights into the entire market segment where Gent University wished to go were obtained. And so were the insights into the competition, unique selling points, the target group and the needs of this target group.


Maximum insight through European activation

In order to give UGent’s business idea a boost when entering the market, PNO called on the assistance of all its offices. Because six know more than one! Their consultants in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy and France activated their European network and conducted numerous personal interviews with high-level profiles to gain maximum insight into the market segment where UGent wished to establish itself. The European network that PNO has at its disposal has, thus, been able to contribute to compose a detailed overall picture.


« The amount and quality of data provided by PNO and their network was simply staggering. » – University of Ghent


Strong together; new business unit for UGent

The inspiring case provided by UGent handled in a strong collaboration and supported by a broad European network resulted in following: UGent will set up a new business unit! The unique insights and conclusions, provided by PNO Innovation Services, strengthened UGent’s market position in which growth potential is immediately within reach and a successful future is in sight. UGent: « The delivered product was truly hands-on, with very clear conclusions and suggestions on how to proceed with our business idea. The final delivery was carried out through an extensive question-and-answer session, which gave us the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion. »