Horizon Europe | Knowing your destination on cluster 6

When writing your impact section in your Horizon Europe proposal you need to show to the reader how your project is targeting the appropriate destination linked to the specific topic. Finding the destination linked to your topic can sometimes become akin to a “Treasure Hunt” game as depending on the topic you are targeting and the work programme from the specific topic, this quest could be sometimes cumbersome and not completely straight forward.

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Horizon Europe Knowing destination Cluster 6

In the present publication we will give you an example of how this is done with a topic from Cluster 6, especially now that an important number of topics have just opened calling for proposals in the fields from this cluster.


  1. New batches of topics for your proposed collaboratives projects
  2. The importance of your destination in Horizon Europe
  3. How to find your destination
  4. The PNO group can support you

Download the e-paper and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!