PNO delivers innovation funding training workshop for CRL

PNO participated in a CRL workshop where Innovation Consultant Chris Sinadinos delivered a 1h workshop with 1-to-1 follow-ups on innovation grants to several SMEs from advanced materials, engineering and transportation sectors, including a novel wind turbine, eco-textiles fabric and protective exoskeleton.

Topics innovation funding training workshop

Covered topics included:

  • why grants,
  • characteristics of grantable projects,
  • current UK/EU calls,
  • application format,
  • project costings,
  • assessment and approval process,
  • and tips & tricks for grants success.

About CRL

Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is an innovative accelerator and innovation hub supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of the creation of their business, from concept to development, through to prototyping, manufacture and beyond. Find out more here on their new website:

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